The Congregation is Currently Searching for a New

Our former Rabbi, Stuart Davis, passed last December 28th, 2020. 


We are currently doing a virtual Shabbat Service due to the pandemic on Marco Polo staffed by volunteers, which is also repeated on Facebook and can be seen and heard at any time. 


When we are able, we will return to the facility that we have been worshipping at (Colonial Church at 71st Street and Mission Road). 

Rabbi Stuart Davis

Proudly Served Temple Sinai



We believe that the Shabbat Services are not only a spiritual, worship experience but it can fulfill other aspects of Judaism for our lives as well. We wanted to add another dimension to Temple attendance so that when our prayers have been said, our beautiful music has touched our soul, Services have ended and we gather in the social hall for our Oneg Shabbat we would have yet brought something else with us.  Listen Ask and Learn is an aspect of our Shabbat Service that we have periodically throughout the year in place of a sermon.  The material, presented by the Rabbi can cover a myriad of Jewish topics that are known or little known, but generally of a category.  We leave time for question as we move along, statements and rebuttals if you will.  It has proven to be a stimulating learning experience for all. A recent session was on the topic of:” What Judaism says about Birth, Childhood and Identity.”  LISTEN ASK and LEARN.