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Ahavat Olam
Anim Zemirot
Sh'ma Koleinu
Rich Man
Mi Chamocha
Shalom Rav
My Way
The Rose
L'chi Lach


Jewish music stems from ancient prayer chants of the Levant some 3,000 years ago.  The musicals notion that developed and that we find in the Bible today is one of the most ancient forms of noted music, and yet is still in current practice all over the world today.  Jewish music has been constantly adapting to new conditions and yet retaining its identity in many widely differing ethnic, social and religious environments.

Ashkenazi Music

Ashkenazi refers to the Jews who settled in the Rhineland of Southwest Germany and Northern France from about the third century CE.  Ashkenazi cantorial song reached a very high level of sophistication and ornamentation. The vernacular language was Yiddish.  A musician was called a Klezmer.

Sephardic Music

Sephardic music refers to the Jews who lived in the Iberian Peninsula for many centuries.  They took their language and musical traditions with them and absorbed other traditions from North Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean and countries in the Middle East. Many of the standard hymns in the Hebrew liturgy were composed by great Sephardic poets during the “Golden Age” in medieval Spain.

Israeli Music

Unique to Israeli music is the particular symbiosis of East and West and the assimilation of elements from diverse traditions, the strands of Jewish traditions.  Arab and Middle Eastern music, with Western approaches.

Synagogue Music

The aims of synagogue music are to preserve, maintain and ensure the heritage of synagogue traditions in all its facets; to promote the use of choral and cantorial music in practice and in concert, to encourage children’s choirs in schools, synagogues and communities, to engage with religious music and choral communities outside of the Jewish community; to promote appreciation and understanding of the music of the synagogue to the wider public; and to provide the opportunity for the enrichment of Jewish spiritual life through the training of individuals and choirs to the highest standards.


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Shabbat Kiddush
1st Haftorah Blessing
2nd Haftorah Blessing
1st Torah Blessing
2nd Torah  Blessing
Concluding Blessings

Rabbi Emeritus Paul Silbersher served numerous schools and congregations not only in Kansas City, but throughout the country for over 60 years. During his lifetime of serving the Jewish community, he was a member of many organizations, received many honors, and gave many performances for CBS television, Westchester Philharmonic, and White Plains Symphony.