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Larry Gelb
12422 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64145



WE HAVE A SENSE OF FAMILY.  We have members we get along with, and members who drive us crazy. But there aren’t enough of us, that we can afford to get uppity.  We need each other. And so we care about each other, and we know that every last one of us is important.  We aren’t an institution.  We are people.

WE HAVE A SENSE OF TENACITY. We know how fragile our presence is and how important it is that we stay alive, stay involved and stay together – no matter what.

WE HAVE A SENSE OF INVOLVEMENT. When organizational research indicates that most organizations operate on an average level of involvement of 5% of the membership, it’s rewarding to know that most of us are involved most of the time.

WE HAVE A SENSE OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO THE CONGREGATION.  When everyone depends on you, you tend to carry through. You might not always want to, but you do what you have to do, and usually end up glad that you did.

WE HAVE A SENSE OF INTIMACY WITH OUR RABBI. We really get to know him one on one.  And the Rabbi gets to know us.

WE HAVE A SENSE OF COMMUNITY. In a very real way, we do represent Judaism in a very real way.
We realize we have the responsibility to carry on the traditions of Judaism with enthusiasm and energy.  If we do not do it, there’s nobody to do it for us.