Donations to the Congregation, make up a good portion of our synagogue’s income.  It also gives each congregant the opportunity to honor an individual or happening for some good deed.  

On the more somber side, how better can you remember the death of a loved one?  It not only shows your feelings for the departed, but allows you to pass on these feelings for that individual to someone else.  This is accomplished by an acknowledgement card to the person sending the donation plus the family of the deceased friend or relative.  It is something more personal than just a store bought card.

While accomplishing all of the above, your donation can assist in continuing the programs and projects of the Congregation.  So in essence it has a dual purpose.
A small donation here and a small donation there can make a large donation to enable the Congregation to help better the world we live in.

A listing of a few of the Funds available for donations can be found on the Honor and Memory form which you can access by simply pressing the button marked “Press Here”.  Print out the form and fill in your wishes and the necessary names and addresses and mail it to the name and address on the bottom of the form.

The Congregation thanks you, and I’m sure the recipient of the acknowledgement card will thank you.


Press The Button Below To Print A Blank Donation Form