Dear Neighbor:

How does it really feel to BELONG?  How does it feel to be TRULY WELCOME?

Not only of a REFORM synagogue, but also as a member of a growing, caring and diverse family.

At Temple Sinai, you will notice the feeling the moment you walk through the door, whether it’s a Friday night Shabbat Service or a Thursday morning Torah Study group.  As a matter of fact, here’s what one of our newest members said about her first experience at Temple Sinai: 

“It was inspiring, educational and friendly.  People I did not know took the time to speak to me.  I never felt that warmth and kindness in any other synagogue I have belonged to.”

When you come to visit us, you’ll probably agree that it simply feels different.  Maybe that’s because we are smaller than most other congregations.  So we know each other’s names.  We are anxious to share our special brand of Judaism with others.

We are proud of the Reform Jewish Shabbat Services that our congregation offers that include innovations that make it more meaningful and spiritual. Our music is a great addition to our services offering traditional and contemporary sounds that combine with the service for more memorable and eventful experiences in our search for God.

And the good news is, you will not have to go far from home, as we worship at Colonial Church, 71st Street and Mission Road.  

Now you may be thinking, “the Annual Contribution must be very high for all this that they are offering.”   To become a member, all it will cost you is $150 quarterly to become part of a Congregation where you truly belong.

Come experience what we have to offer any Friday evening, for a Shabbat Service that starts at 7:00 p.m.  I sincerely hope to see you there.

Larry Gelb, Immediate Past President